Seattle Musicians Access to Sustainable Healthcare is a
501(c)(3) Washington Charitable Organization

About Us 


SMASH (Seattle Musicians Access to Sustainable Healthcare) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to keeping our music community healthy and thriving by providing health education, advocacy, and access to preventative healthcare to Seattle area working musicians.


For decades, Seattle has been a music pulse-point on the U.S. map. Our city strongly values the arts as part of what’s uniquely Seattle in culture and identity. At the same time, many of those who create music find it hard to get adequate healthcare. A large challenge is affordability – balancing costs of living in Seattle like rent, transportation and food with the cost of health services. Another barrier is the prioritization of sparking emotion through art rather than self-care. Musicians, by definition, face unique health concerns: taxed hearing and vocal chords, repetitive motion injury, rigorous touring creating inconsistent work hours and travel schedules; energy depletion from performance.

Comprehensive healthcare – with an emphasis on prevention and wellness – is good for our musicians, our community and our local healthcare systems. That’s where SMASH comes in.

SMASH goals are to:
  • Connect musicians with primary healthcare providers by subsidizing preventative doctor visits at non-profit healthcare clinics throughout King County
  • Advocate for musician healthcare through community outreach at area music events
  • Share referral resources for healthcare services
Right now SMASH is actively:
  • launching our first wave of member services,
  • accepting financing for member services, organizational planning and support, and
  • continuing to assess the musicians’ gap in unmet healthcare needs.

Help support SMASH, together we can keep Seattle musicians healthy!

Featured Programs

Preventative Healthcare Program – Partnership with non-profit health clinic groups Neighborcares, HealthPoint, Country Doctor and Bastyr Center for Natural Health to subsidize preventative healthcare visits and associated labs – program launching Spring 2018.

Outreach Program – Advocating for musicians’ wellness at music-related events, by facilitating forums on healthcare for musicians.

Custom Hearing Protection Program – Partnership with University of Washington Speech and Hearing Services, Seattle Hearing, Speech and Deaf Center, and Westone Audio to provide hearing screenings, consultations and Westone custom molded ear protection.

Dental Care – Partnership with Lyons Creek Dental Care to provide preventative dental care.

We welcome your input and donations!
Please contact SMASH at to get involved.