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At SMASH we:

  • Cover the cost of preventive care visits with traditional and naturopathic providers
  • Provide hearing screening and custom molded earplugs to help prevent hearing loss
  • Build community to advocate for healthcare on behalf of King County musicians

How to Apply

To be contacted by a Member Services Coordinator, please fill out the member interest form.

Enrollment is by appointment, to share personalized info on SMASH services, and go over each member’s application and qualification. Eligibility is year-by-year. Applying for SMASH is completely free, confidential and your contact information will never be sold for any reason.

A working musician’s spouse, partner, and children are not included to receive primary care services, however, efforts will be made to locate services for them.


SMASH serves people living in King County who perform, record or compose music and earn income at or under SMASH’s income limit.

SMASH’s income limit is 400% of the Federal Poverty Level and is based on annual gross/adjusted gross income from all employment.

SMASH is a good fit for musicians who don’t have insurance, or who have insurance with a high deductible, and who would like to use Neighborcares, HealthPoint, Country Doctor, or Bastyr Clinic for Natural Health as their primary care provider. Here is SMASH’s Member Eligibility List.

For more information about services and eligibility – contact us!

Call 206-495-1285, or e-mail
SMASH’s Member Services Coordinator will contact you within 48 hours.

To have our Member Services Coordinator contact you and discuss our services and eligibility, please fill out our Member Interest Form.